Stream Prime Video with your fellas anywhere worldwide

You may enjoy your favorite Prime Videos in perfect time with your loved ones by downloading the Prime Party for free. Furthermore, you can always watch your favorite shows with your gang, no matter how far you are apart. Though, streaming by itself is too boring. However, the real fun starts when you binge-watch with your loved ones. In today's time, everyone is too occupied with their work and other things that they don't get the time to meet their squad. Also, it can be very frustrating at times to live far away from your friends or family and not be able to spend the time together. So, this will be the best way to connect with them and chill together all over again. Moreover, you may stream all of your favorite movies and television shows on Prime in sync with your friends and recall all those memories again.
Stream Prime Video with your fellas anywhere worldwide

How to use Prime Party

Start by clicking here to install the extension on your computer.

Note: The Chromebook, Mac, or Windows laptop or computer can all have the extension installed.

Then, pin the extension by going to the "Extensions" part of your browser" toolbar.

Therefore, each user must have their own individual virtual party accounts. To access all the videos, you should also sign into your Prime Video account.

Look for and start a game of the show you wish to watch with your buddies. At this point, tap the Prime Watch Party extension icon on your toolbar. Now, the link for your virtual party will then be generated after you choose "Start the Party." Invite your friends directly by sending them this link.

Note: If you want to have control over the party, keep the "Only I have control" button selected.

You may only enter a party through the link, so ask your friend to share it with you. Although, to participate, you must also install the extension and sign in to your Prime Video account.

Features of Prime Party

Along with watching your favorite shows together in sync, you may communicate with your pals.

Use the Only I have the control button On to manage your virtual party. In addition, with the help of this feature, you may synchronize the play/pause button, volume controls, and other video settings.

Watch the HD versions of your favorite Prime videos.

Your extension profile's username and user icon are customizable. Further, you can select your own avatar from the built-in party icons.

The Chromebook, Mac, or Windows laptop and PC models that are compatible with the Prime Party extension are all.

Frequently asked questions

All Prime Video subscribers may watch their favorite episodes online simultaneously with Prime Party, a free feature. Furthermore, you can also use your hands.

The add-on works with all Chromebook laptops and desktop computers running Windows and Mac. Therefore, please check that you are utilizing the devices as mentioned above to install and use the extension before proceeding.

From here, you can install the extension on your computer or laptop. You then need to select the "Add Extension" button. Moreover, the "Add to Chrome" button needs to be clicked after that.

You can use the extension to host your virtual party by following the steps mentioned below: –

First of all, on their PC, the users need to install the Prime Party extension.

Next, to the toolbar, pin the extension.

After that, you need to log in to your Prime Video account so that you can access all of its videos and shows.

Now, you need to click on the PWP button from the toolbar.

It will open a "Create a Party" window. Here, by keeping the "Only I have contro0" button ON, you can select to have complete control of the party.

Note: you must turn the button OFF if you do not want to have the complete control of the party.

Then, choose the "Start the Party" button. Additionally, it will generate a party URL that you will have to share with everyone who wants to join the party.

Hence, you have successfully created the virtual party link with the extension.

Please confirm that the Prime Watch Party extension is set up on your computer. Next, sign in to your Prime Video account after that. To join the virtual party, you must next click on the link.

All users are advised to use the Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome browsers.

With the Prime Party extension, you can invite as many guests as you like to your virtual gathering.

To participate in the virtual party, users must reside in the same nation. Therefore, if a person wants to attend a virtual party extension but lives in a different country, they must use a VPN to change their location.